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My Approach to Psychotherapy 

I believe that every person already has the power within them to overcome their greatest obstacles.  However, life can be very confusing and overwhelming, which can make it hard for us to find the strength within ourselves to make it through.  My goal is to help you find your own strength, your own truth, and your own path for your life.  Therapy with me is client-driven: you're in the driver's seat and you decide where we will go. My mission is to help you navigate through this time in your life, to show you the various choices in direction you can make, and to provide you with tools to make the journey easier. 


Therapy can often be a scary and uncomfortable experience.  In addition to taking treatment at your pace, I am mindful when it comes to providing a safe space for clients of all backgrounds.  I am honored to work with clients of different ethnicities, races, sexual orientations, gender identifications, religious beliefs, and abilities.

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